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About Edurights

Education consultants in Kerala with more than 10 years of expertise, Edurights is a pioneer in the field of career counseling and admission guidance. Operating out of Nilambur, Malappuram, Edurights has helped more than 5000 students find the right course and university for them and get into prestigious institutions all over the country.

A good education can set you up for life, provided you make the right decision now. The course you take up and university you study in is crucial. Edurights guides students in their journey of trying to get the best education in their budget.

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Education Consultants in Kerala

Edurights is one of the best educational consultants in Kerala, According to Edurights Bangalore is the powerhouse of the colleges and students love to study in Bangalore.

We help and guide the aspirant to reach their higher education goals and to get study the preferred course in the best colleges. Based on the interest of each student, we counsel them through various career opportunities and assist them to find the right course in the right college. Edurights provides an abundance of information about colleges and various courses also we guide the students with the decision-making process.

Study in banglore

Study in banglore

Karnataka is considered a prominent knowledge state in India and Bangalore is a hub of Indian education and research, with students from all over the country engaged in research also boasts of national-level institutions in almost every discipline such as health, management, science and technology, law, social science and so on.

Bangalore is credited with more than 125 Research and development centres in the field of core engineering, information technology, basic and applied sciences, aerospace etc. Major Indian and foreign IT and manufacturing companies have their Research and development centres here. Bangalore is also known as a health tourism centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Edurights do not make you pay anything. Our charges are covered by the institutions.
Fees differ for different colleges and universities. It is best to try and find the most suitable option for you.
You can certainly get into a good college. Institutions select students based on their overall skills and not on marks alone.
Most of the colleges we provide admission assistance to offer campus placements.
We can help you with that. Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch with you to help you book a seat in the institution you want to study in.